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Waiters, Waitresses or Bartenders: Maximize Your Tips!

Are you a waiter, waitress, or bartender who wants to maximize your tips? Higher tips mean taking home more money every shift. Do you see other waiters, waitresses or bartenders who always seem to get more tips than you? Waiters, waitresses, or bartenders can maximize your tips in three easy steps by smiling more, looking your customers in the eye when speaking, and anticipating their needs as if by magic! Here’s how waiters, waitresses or bartenders can maximum tips, beginning your next shift!

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A waiter, waitress, or bartender seeking to maximize your tips must smile more often. Waiters, waitresses or bartenders come into contact with nearly all the customers who enter a restaurant or bar and their faces become the “face” of the establishment. If you are a waiter, waitress or bar tender who wants to maximize your tips, make sure you are wearing a smile! Waiters, waitresses, or bartenders who are smiling earn maximum tips. No waiter, waitress or bartender who wants to maximize tips should adopt a goofy grin, but a warm, genuine-looking smile will maximize your tips as a waiter, waitress or bartender and lead to repeat customers.

In addition to smiling more, Waiters, Waitresses, and Bartenders who seek maximum tips on the job look customers in the eye when speaking. Waiters, waitresses and bartenders who want to maximize tips in the restaurant business try to make that personal connection that leaves your customers feeling as if you are genuinely concerned about their comfort and dedicated to meeting their needs. Looking in the eyes of restaurant customers makes waiters, waitresses, or bartenders seem more honest, professional, and attentive. For waiters, waitresses and bartenders, who want to maximize your tips, smiling is your best strategy.

Smiling and looking customers in the eye are the most obvious behaviors for waiters, waitresses and bartenders seeking to maximize your tips. But don’t forget to anticipate your customers’ needs and fulfill them before you’re even asked. This is another sure-fire means for waiters, waitresses, or bartenders to maximize tips. Any bar tender seeking higher tips knows the value of remembering a customer’s name or his or her drink preferences; experienced waiters and waitresses who earn maximum tips remember their customers’ preferences as well. But even if you are a first-time waiter, waitress, or bartender seeking to maximize your tips, you can maximize your tips by being alert to when a customer may need a beverage refilled, dishware cleared, or the check presented. Appear with a refill or whatever is needed by your customer without being asked. Anticipating your restaurant customers’ needs without waiting for them to ask; waiters, waitresses and bartenders maximize tips and get more money in their pockets by being alert.

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