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So I Need a Resume? Writing a Professional Resume with Resume Samples

If you want to work in the restaurant industry, the place to start is with your best credentials out front: that’s what a resume is! If you’re saying, “So I Need a Resume?” with a puzzled voice, here is where you can get help writing a professional resume with resume samples!

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To get started, sit down and make a list of your achievements: what education have you completed? Won any awards? Had any previous jobs (volunteer or for pay) that were especially successful? What skills do you have? Are you a well-organized person who is thrifty and dependable? What is there about you that makes you a good worker? Make a list. After you make your list of experience and strengths, add your basic contact information: address, phone numbers, basic school background, any certifications or training you’ve had. Your hobbies, volunteer experience, membership in clubs and social organizations, and even church-related experience are often valuable assets. List everything you can think of that might be a benefit to an employer looking for a good worker.

Once you have made this list, get ahead with a better resume by visiting How To Write A Resume.org. You can also use an automated tool like Resume Builder to do the work for you. You will be writing a professional resume with resume samples in minutes! Having a professional looking resume will put you a giant step closer to getting your dream job!

YumYum Jobs gives you the added benefit of supplementing your resume with photo and video. For tips and advantages of making your video resume visit eHow. Writing a professional resume with resume samples is easy; making a video resume is even easier. No matter how you go about writing a professional resume—with resume samples or on video, you’re a step closer to getting the job you seek!

Once your professional resume is created, post it at a premiere job search site like YumYum Jobs -- the website connecting the restaurant industry with job-seekers!

The best job search tip anyone can give you is to get your resume written and out in front of restaurant industry employers looking for workers. Writing a professional resume with resume samples or making a video resume will help you a lot, and posting your resume on-line will give you the advantage you need to get the great job you’re looking for in the restaurant industry. Don’t delay!

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